Card Repair & Reverse Engineering

Has the OEM stopped supporting your gas turbine control system? Has your power supply failed due to DC-DC converter failure? Are you being pressured to do a costly control system upgrade? Powergenics can help you extend the life of your current control system. We repair broken cards, supply replacement cards, or even reverse engineer cards as needed. We repair common problems like:

  • electrolytic capacitor failure
  • DC-DC converter failure
  • corrosion and conformal coating issues
  • Technical Information Letter (TIL) upgrades

Circuit Card Repair

We inspect all cards upon receipt to ensure the integrity of the card or module and assess repair viability.  Each unit then goes through a series of incoming tests using automated test equipment (ATE), such as Huntron trackers. We welcome any customer fault input, which we can use to modify our tests as needed.

We also replace all components with high failure rates (such as electrolytic capacitors) for a more complete repair. Post-repairs we thoroughly test each unit, from discrete component and circuit tests all the way to testing in a functional system for that specific unit type. If necessary, units are “burned-in” to ensure a complete repair.

Our thoroughness is why we offer a three-year warranty, the best in the business!

Reverse Engineering

Powergenics can also reverse engineer, manufacture, and supply exact copies of circuit cards or circuit card assemblies for obsolete cards. We utilize a number of techniques, including electron microscope scanning, to ensure we identify and use the exact same component on the replacement card.

Once the PCB has been manufactured and populated with all the components, we test the card copy to ensure it performs exactly like the original, then we send the final copy to you for onsite testing. After you verify your system is operating properly we manufacture and supply you with the additional copies ASAP.

Industries supported include:

  • Power generation
  • Oil, Gas, and Refining
  • Casino and gaming building signage
  • Industrial Automation & Manufacturing