Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What does Powergenics three year warranty cover?

Answer: Powergenics’s three-year warranty covers the ENTIRE card or module, unlike our competitors who often over the portion they worked on or repaired and nothing else.

Question: How many years has Powergenics been in this business?

Answer: Powergenics started in the power generation controls support business 21 years. We started with repairing ABB type control systems and have expanded to repairing and supplying both new and refurbished circuit cards and power supplies for many of the most popular OEMs like GE (Speedtronic MK II, MK III, MK IV, MK V, MK VI, and MK Vie) Westinghouse (WDPF, Classic, WDPF II, Ovation), Siemens (Teleperm, TXP, and T3000), ABB/Bailey (Info90 and Net90), Bentley Nevada, and many more.

Question: Will Powergenics Refurbished DS200TCPSG1A Power Supply Reduce Spurious Alarms?

Answer: Spurious alarms in the control system are hard to figure out and cost the operator time and, sometimes, money through system downtime. Powergenics has spent a considerable amount of engineering analysis and developed a new, refurbishment program for all TCPS MK V power supplies. After having completed this program on hundreds of units, we can say that customers have told us that once this refurbished unit is installed, spurious MK V alarms, in many cases, have decreased. For more info, click here.

Question: Can Powergenics Repair the GE MK VI IS2020RKPSG Power Supply?

Answer: Mk VI power supply failures are usually caused by DC converter failures which show up as a  red light fault. This causes the operator to shut down the core to replace the unit. Yes, Powergenics has reviewed over 15 years of repair history and developed a unique refurbishment program for these power supplies. Powergenics program includes replacing ALL the VICOR DC-DC converter modules as well as ALL the high-failure rate components found in the 15-year review. The result is basically a new power supply that comes with Powergenics’ three-year warranty along with a voltage load chart verifying the repair!

Question: GE Does Not Support the MK IV and MK V Control Systems Anymore. Do I Have To Upgrade?

Answer: No. Sometimes the OEM pushes users to upgrade for various reasons that include, lack of parts, FERC compliance, or system features. There are many third-party suppliers of parts and services for your GE system whether it’s an MK IV or MK V. Powergenics is just one who supplies repairs and replacement part supply.

Question: Do Powergenics Sell Replacement Circuit Cards and Power Supplies?

Answer: Yes. Powergenics has a large stock of GE Speedtronic MK II, MK III, MK IV, MK V, and MK VI cards, Westinghouse WDPF, WDPF II, and Ovation, ABB Bailey Infi90 and NET90, and Siemens Teleperm, TXP, and T3000 cards ready for immediate shipment.

Question: What Do I Have To Do To Send a Card in For Repair?

Answer: The way to get your unit in the repair cue fastest is to fill out the Powergenics RMA form, print it out and include it in the shipment. Click here to get it. Don’t forget to include a copy of the PO or AT LEAST write the PO # on the RMA form. Once your unit is packaged properly, click here to get the free, prepaid FedEx shipping label. A pickup will be generated for the next day automatically.

Question: Does Powergenics offer Expedited Repairs?

Answer: Yes. Powergenics can offer expedited repairs in most cases, depending on the fault found and availability of components. This Expedited Service will require an Expediting Fee which will be quoted upon request.

Question: Does Powergenics Take Corporate Purchase Cards?

Answer: Yes. Powergenics takes most forms of corporate credit cards and purchasing cards like VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, etc. Powergenics does not charge you a fee for this service.

Question: Does Powergenics offer an Exchange Program?

Answer: Yes. If Powergenics has a similar card in stock like the one you need to be repaired, an “Exchange Repair” option can be offered. In most cases, this option is a little more costly than the straight repair option.

Question: What is the Normal and Expedited Turn Around Times for Repairs?

Answer: Powergenics normal turnaround time is 4-7 business days and expedited repair is 1-3 days, again depending on the fault found and parts availability. In many cases in the past, Powergenics has been able to either repair the customers unit in 1 day or offer an exchange repair and ship the same day the customer’s unit is received.

Question: How Do I get a Repair Quote?

Answer: Click on the “Get a Quick Quote” Button on the Powergenics Home Page. If you want to get a text message on your mobile device when the quote is issued, make the “Yes” selection in the quote process. For an expedited quote, make that selection in the process and a text message will alert the Powergenics technician on call to issue the quote immediately. Typical quote turnaround times for an expedited request are 7 minutes!