MK V Power Supply Repair

How Powergenics Improves this MK V Power Supply

MK V Power Supplies fail for many reasons:

  • Age (even if they are just sitting on the inventory shelf)
  • Overheating (due to a faulty cabinet or panel cooling fans)
  • Dirty environment
  • Faulty repairs (mostly caused by poor quality replacement parts)
  • Poor installation (Damage that might not be evident right away)
MK V power supply failure
Before MK V power supplies fail, they get “noisy.” That means one or more of the output voltages becomes erratic or is “piggybacked” with an AC voltage.
MK V power supply failure
Visually, it might look like this picture. See the cracked resistors? This could be caused by heat or age and probably contributes to MK V power supply failure.
MK V power supply failure
Powergenics has engineered a refurbishment solution that completely eliminates this “noise”. We replace high failure rate components with higher quality, tighter-tolerance parts resulting in cleaner output voltages for a longer period of time. Since these components are more robust, they will resist heat and age degradation, resulting in a longer life power supply. Here is the same chart showing the output voltage after the Powergenics refurbishment:(Notice the scale is 500mv/division instead of 1V/division!)

For a more complete explanation, watch this short video below:

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