Infi90 –┬áIMASM03

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IMASM03 infi90 Circuit Board

Technical Specifications:

  • IMASM03
  • Infi90
  • Printed Circuit Board
  • Turbine Control Systems
  • Analog Master Module
  • ABB
  • Bailey

The Analog Master Module (IMAMM03) enables the INFI 90 Process Management System to accept up to 64 high level, thermocouple, millivolt or resistive temperature device analog signals from a process. An IMAMM03 requires an Analog Slave Module (IMASM01/02/03/04) to condition and interface pro- cess signals. Each Analog Slave Module (ASM) provides a dif- ferent input capability. A configuration made up of function codes in Analog Master Module (AMM) memory determines the operations an AMM performs on its inputs.