GE MK VI EX2100 DRive DSP Control Card

The  MK VI turbine control is designed as a complete integrated control, protection, and monitoring system for generator and mechanical drive applications of gas and steam turbines.

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Technical Specifications:

  • IS200DSPXH1A
  • General Electric
  • Speedtronic
  • MK VI
  • EX2100
  • Drive DSP Control Card

GE MK VI EX2100 DRive DSP Control Card

The MK Vie I/O Packs contain two input/output network ports with a real-time clock and processor for synchronized sequence-of-events time-stamping and a data acquisition board.

The Mk VI is available in Simplex and Triple Redundant forms. Communication of data between the Control Module and other modules within the Mark VI control system is performed on IONet.