Reuter Stokes, GE Flame Scan Module

RS-FSM-1002-002 GE Flame Scan Module

Technical Specifications:

  • RS-FSM-1002-002
  • Reuter Stokes
  • General Electric
  • Flame Scan Module

The RS-FSM-1002-002 incorporates an adjustable comparator and provides an open collector to the ground logic output. The output is low for “flame on” and high for “flame off.” This model interfaces directly with controllers requiring a logic level input such as the GE MK I, II, and IV Controllers.

RS-FSM-1002-002 incorporates a voltage to frequency converter, and provides a frequency output. This module interfaces directly with the MK V controller. The inputs circuits are typically powered from the isolated protective supply while the output circuits are powered from a grounded supply.